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JesusHall of FameBounty of 100 kgp
Gutter Runner,
Divine Rats team retired

   Roster number: 12  

Value: 230,000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 56
Touchdowns: 78
Casualties: 4  (2 were kills!)
MVP awards: 6
Star Player Points: 328
Top Scorer: Season XXI, Season XXII

MA ST AG AV Skills
10 2 5 7 Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, +AG, Sure Hands, +MA, Strip Ball, Leap

Sustained Injuries: none


-- Divine Rats has retired team retired --.
There is a bounty of Bounty100 000 gp on this player's head.
Hall of Fame HoF - Awarded into the Hall of Fame during/after Season XXII
As a temple of faith, the Divine rats was build around Jesus. Vital for the team was the father, the Holy Spirit that flows through everything and the mother (mainly useful in the field of delivery) but it all boiled down to the son making their plays shine for mortal men. Whenever an impossible situation called for a touchdown, or a ball dropped by an opposing player suddenly experiencing of the Holy Spirit, Jesus was the rat to rely on. With an unsurpassed talent for ball handling and running really really fast (I mean REALLY fast, impressive to see that rat run) Jesus was too much for most teams to catch up with, and as a consequence ended up as the league’s absolute top scorer of all time, most valuable player ever and season top scorer two seasons in a row. It is unknown if Jesus will be the founder of a new religion outside the team itself or amongst their fans, as someone generally has to die a painful death to accomplish that, and Jesus with his personal apoth (and of course his personal squeamishness) never really managed to take that last step for fame and glory. One thing is for sure though, Jesus will always be remembered in Aros Blood Bowl league, and his records will be very hard to break for any aspiring superstars that the future will bring.

God I'm good said Jesus I feel the Holy Spirit flow through me there.

And that was the last word from both Jesus and Divine Rats in Aros!

One of the original 11 gods, joining the team before season XVII.

Season 22

Killed Squint-eye Skullcracks for attacking him while holding the ball in round 1. The apo managed to revive him but he missed next match. Jesus also managed three completions thus passing the 50 completions mark!

After three TDs in round 2 he was BH by Mefisto Hellbringer.

In round 3 it was Jesus who saved DR from a loss. First he managed to run around with the ball for half of the first half before he scored for 1-0. And then he blitzed the sole scoring threat out of reach in the last turn of first half. But after that the Scums got him down and Donald H Gaskins fouled him BH. Although the Pestigor was thrown out for this, it was a great exchange as DR could not prevent the tie for 1-1 in 2nd half. But because of Jesus they did not loose!

In round 4 he scored twice and thus reached 70 TD and 300 spp. He later also managed two completions, in the 4-2 win.

In round 5 he continued by handling the ball in most drives and managed two completions leading to TDs.

It was not intended but pressed by six caulties, most of them early on, Jesus had to score all three TD in the 3-2 win. One of these on a one turner at half time. Great job!

With two more TD in round 7 he reached 75 TDs in his 60th active match: 1.25 TDs each match!

Two more TDs to get to 77 and 325 spp after round 9. (8th match for DR and their last in the group play), He is with 13 TDs already sure to end with more than 1 TD per match this season, which is better than the average of no. 2 at the moment. So he is looking alot like top scorer two seasons in a row. (And will probably also be the two trophy ina row winner ;))
It was Jesus' 30th match in a row for DR without missing a match. (since the 3rd match in season 20, where he missed!)

Once again he scores the winning match in the round of 16th for 2-0. A fabulous run for the ball he managed, and then a dwarf failed to take him down!

In DR's last match - the quaterfinal, nothing worked for the rats. Somehow Jesus withstood numerous attacks and a lightning bolt so he was still on pitch for the last drive. But getting through the elf's defence was not possible. Only chance he had, he failed a simple dodge... Not a great way to finish a meteor carrier, but he will most likely be season top scorer for the second season running!

Season 21

Just before the season ended the bounty was raised to 90 k making him the by far most wanted player in the league. Not that strange though!

Finally after having played his 50th match for DR (the round of 16th) someone discovered Jesus and now wish to pay 40 k if someone makes a marty of him :D

THE FINAL: Jesus walked on the water. Or so it seemed.
With God KOed the entire match Jesus had to score the first TD alone. Then he was KOed and had to wake up. Then The Mother was SI, and the apotech not used. Cause then Timmy and his Tail BH Jesus, so the apo could keep him in the game. And due to the work of Jesus the game went into overtime.
And here he could get the ball and score for 2-1 and then keep the ball away from the fewer and fewer skinks, thus ensuring DRs perfect season, with the 10th win in a row and the 10th match in a row where Jesus scored.

With 31 TDs he broke all TD records this season!

One Turning Jesus takes DR to the final.

In another amazing match Jesus was the team thrower in the ordinary time. 5 completions did he manage and one TD. But at the end of the match just when he had retrieved the ball yet again, he was taken down and then fouled KO by For a Gracefull Death!. Then the match went into overtime and Jesus failed to wake up until it was almost too late and it looked like a penalty shoot out. But just then he came back, and with For a Gracefull Death! send off for fouling the elves was one side stepper short, and that was all it took for DR to believe in the one turn chance, and even in the pouring rain Jesus managed to catch the ball and then proceed to win the match and the place in the final with a last over time turn one turner!

Season 21 NEWS FLASH:
Jesus scored two more TDs to reach 60 TDs and with a comletion and the MVP (his 6th) he now has 260 spp.
It was enough to get DR to the semifinals.

Season 21 NEW NEW NEW NEWS FLASH: JESUS MAKES 4 completions and two TDs!
With the TDs he now ties the record of most TDs in a season (25). And his average is still 2.8 pr. match far above the old record of 2.4.

And with the death of Ko Π Jesus is now the active player with most completions, and he is now in the top 10 on the all time thrower list. This season he is 3rd on the top thrower chart.

With the 10 spp he is now 60 points ahead of no. 2 on the most experienced list, and with 58 TDs he is 9 ahead on the TD list.


With 5 TDs Jesus takes a win for DR over so far unbeaten Wild Wood Warriors. He also increases the distance between himself and worst oponent for top scorer spot with 5 vs i1 TD for that teams top catcher Fast catch.

Furthermore he is now tied 11th on the top thrower list after one more completion.

And he is 50 spp ahead of no. 2.


With two more TD against the hated Olvig Vikings in the last group match Jesus finally became Aros BBL's ultimate top scorer. He not only reached but passed by the magic 50 TD mark, and has left Hans behind.
And this was even enough to secure the 2-1 win and thus DR is certain to win their group!


With an amazing 5 TD against Blood Bowl Bunnies Jesus now ties the top spot on the list of League Top Scorers.
49 TDs does he have under his belt, and it was so close that he could have made the 50th in the same match, DRs 50th too, but he fell over the EZ line before The Mother could hand it to him. Stunned as he was she had to score the last TD for 6-1.


Season 21 ANOTHER news flash: JESUS REACHES 200 SPP!

With another fantastic match against Double Dodgers Jesus has reached the magic 200 spp which no other Aros player has achived!

He did this (on the spot) by making 3 completions for 3 TDs. Then he first blitzed down Max Klemens von Hausen BH, getting the ball free, and two turns later he retrieved it himself, and scored the fourth TD. Just for show he then finioshed the game with a TD for 5-0 to reach exactly 200 points!

There is no stopping this little vermin!


Finally he did it. With both three TDs and three completions (two of those giving TDs to The Mother), he reached the magic spot of 189 spp. And why is it magic? Because it puts him one spp ahead of previously Most Experienced Player Synne Buch and steals her crown, and she is retired! At the moment he is more than 60 points ahead of the next "active" on the active players list. On this list Holy Spirit is 5th and God is 8th. (The first shares 14th place in the all time list.)

With the three TDs he is now alone in 2nd place on the all time Top Scorers list only 7 behind HoFer Hans. A spot that is up for grabs. He is 9 ahead of no. 2 active Kress von Kressenstein. On that list 3rd and T-4th place is occupied by Holy Spirit and God. The first is 9th on the all time list.

At the moment he is of course the Season's Top Scorer with most TD (9) in only 4 (vs 5 for some) matches. And he is 4th on the season top thower list.

And that is whas is even more fantastic! With the three completions he is now 14th on the all time top thrower list one ahead of teammate Buddha and also only 7 of those from top 10. Of course there are a long way to the all time record by Synne Buch!!!

DRs two throwers are nos 2 and 3 on the active list after Ko Π, even together they have made less completions than her! (67 vs 73).

End of news flash

Season 21 continued:
Jesus continued where he left it with a TD and completion in his first match of the new season. This took him to 160 spp. And with his 34th TD he is no in sole 5th position on the all time top scoreing list passing by legendary Squik A'lot!

A horrible match against Bones & Bandages just saw Jesus through. He was killed in a foul by Dustin Dusty but the apo saved him, but then another kill by the fouler on Zeus send the vermin out for good! And on top of this Jesus was BH in a failed dodge, which would almost have secured a TD, and failing that meant the DR did not score a TD which was a first in the 45 matches they have played. Horrible! And it was not even the first dodge Jesus had failed that match!

But how wierd is this game not? Next match three days later, and everything works out, especially for Jesus against Hellbringers! Five TDs (5-0 the result) and two completions, 17 points in one match. And with that he both became a LEGEND! Learned Leap and entered the all time top thrower list with 31 completions! He is the only non-thrower position on this list!

Also he got the 7th skill: "Please kill me" but that is just a joke, like the kick me signs people put on his others back, and should not be taken seriously! :D

Old news:

SI MNG by Mefisto Hellbringer who took out three runners in one match. Also God (BH) and Star Shuttelspike. This was round 3, but he will miss round 2! ;-) He did manage a TD before reachin 125 spp.

With his 25th TD and 25th completion in roud 4 he continues to move up on the all times list of Top Scorers (10th) and Most Experienced (7th). If he continues he may be the first non thrower to pass 30 completions and enter the all time top throwers list too.

BH in a foul by Zark Immergeil in round 5.

Scored a TD (to once again tie for 1st on the active top score list and be in the top 10 on the all time list. He is now also tied for 5th on the most experiences list) Then he fouled Vanrad Steinson KOed but was thrown off himself!

A TD and a completion took him back to no. 1 on the top scoring list (8th on all time) and up to forth on the all-time most experienced list! It was not enough to win, but the completion to Holy Spirit tied the round 7 match!

With yet another TD (but apart from that failing three attempts at taking the ball from the Norse) in round 8, he is now the third most experienced player of all time. Also he is alone on 8th place amongst all time top scorers!

With two completions in the round 9 cross, vs. Buddha's four he is now only tied top completer on DR. As he did not make any TD he now had 28 of both TD and completion. And he has now passed the 140 spp mark.

Played a bad round of 16th where he fell on numerous dodges including a simple one that would probably have given a TD next turn. In the end hios ass was saved by Holy Spirit and a lucky penalty shoot-out, and we made it to the quaterfinals in spite of Jesus performance: Jesus Christ!

Although still a shaky perfromance Jesus did save the day in the quaterfinals where he ran two TDs home for the vicotry in over time over the hated orc from temaid(elf).
He now has 30 TDs under his belt and ties as active top scorer in 7th place on the all time list. Only one TD from 150 spp!

And he passed the 150 spp mark in the semi final with two TDs, the last a fantastic one with an extra turn from a riot to 2-1. With 32 TDs he is now 6th on the all time top scorer list, and also two clear of the closest active opponent!

Scored for 2-1 in the final, but it was first after Holy Spirit had been BH which stopped our best chance to get the ball from Bones & Bandages in 2nd half. Twice he saw Oswald Osiris breack tackle to get at him, KOing first and in the overtime stunnnig him while he was having the ball in the rain. Incredibly lucky God retained the ball for 3-2, but before this could be achieved Bob Boneache foueld Jesus BH. It was a small consolation that the skelly was send off by the ref, as this was effectively helping B&B to get their own TD for 3-3 in the last overtime half. And then they won the penalty shoot out!

With 10 TD this season he is only surpassed by one or two, but of course in more matches. He is here before the 3rd match is played 8th on the season top scorer list. (Could improve to 7th).

The TD took Jesus to 33, and this earns him a shared 5th spot on the all time top scorers list shared with hall of famer: Squik A'lot.

With 156 spp he is only 20 from legend status, and 23 from beating Synne Buch as most experienced of all time. With only 7 more point he will take the 2nd spot from famed Hans.

Old news:

In season 17 the teams first he quickly became one of the most expensive players in the league. Already in first match he learned block. And when he made both a SI on Wolf-man and a kill on Alex van Åtop, (that he then healed himself) next match along with 2 TDs he turned into the most agile player in Aros!

In round 7 he the MVP gave him sure hands, making him a perfect thrower and fantastic at recover the ball after the perfect ball stealer Holy Spirit has done his magic.

In the quarterfinal he went passing berserk and passed successfully 5 times, 4 of these for a completion (3 giving TDs) and once out of reach, These four completions propelled him to third on the passing charts where he stayed the rest of the season.


Season 18 was a heavy season for Jesus. He took no less than 5 serious beatings starting already in the very first opposing blitz of the season, where Celemir showoff II send him out for almost two matches. Somehow he only missed two matches though, as the apo saved the only potentially permanent injury and the last was also the last of the season. The second last was in the cross over, and because DR magically took the 2nd place in the group (not thanks to Jesus but to his fellow GodRunners) Jesus recovered for the play-off. But only to obtain the doubtful achievement of being SI in two consecutive matches!

In between his injury time he did manage some spectacular plays. In round 6 he were involved in all 4 TDs and after that he became a star. And from that he became as fast as fellow star runner Holy Spirit. This became him well and next round he scored a hat-trick and received the MVP. And for a short while he overtook Holy Spirit as most experienced in the league!

As mentioned he were lucky to be in the round of 16th recovering from a SI only because we took 2nd place in the group. But that may have been a mistake cause he could do nothing right in that match and failed two easy task before he were SI for the 5th time. And we were out!


Season 19 did not begin well. But after the disaster match against Olvig Vikings it was Jesus Christ who became a superstar. He almost won the match, with his TD and valiant attempt to push out the opposing ball carrier - but in vain. Nevertheless he was elected MVP for being the only rat to stay on pitch for every kick-off. And this made him a super star and he learned to strip ball.

In the next match Baconkaj actually killed Jesus, but luckily the team apotech, Jakob brother of Jesus, was there to ensure that Jesus could return from the death…

In the semi final Jesus saved us in just 4 turns! Scoring in two turns, then blitzing and obtaining the ball scoring for 2-0 before turn 3. Then he managed to get hold of the ball again, but this time he was taken down, and after two fouls he were BH. But he had alreaday by then ensured the place in the final!

With a TD in the final he gave us hope, but it was not enough to take the gold. Jesus tied this season as the player who scored most TDs (13) with Carmen Körler. He is also in the all time top scorer list as one of only two active players. The other is Holy Spirit with one more TD.

For a while he fought for first spot on the most experiences list both with Holy Spirit and with Dark Elf witch Ariana Deathkiss. But when she died he never looked back and ended 30 points ahead of no. two on the list Nullergøj. The latter is, however, only one TD ahead of Holy Spirit.

Jesus is the only active player to have made it into the all time most experienced player list, and is already in 10th place.

Merits in season XIX
Played in 11 out of 11 matches.
Total 29/31
57 spp from 8 completions, 13 TDs and 2 MVPs.
Total: 122 spp from 24 completions, 23 TDs, 2 cas (1 kill) and 5 MVPs.
Strip ball from round 3.
Value 210.000 gp

10th on the all time most experienced player list
1st on the most experienced active player list (Also first to 100 spp).
13th on the League Top Scorers list
2nd on the active players League Top Scorers list (one behind Holy Spirit).
3rd on the seasons top scorer list.
Tied 1st with 13 TDs as the player to score most TDs in the season, but in four more matches than top scorer Carmen Körler
4th on the active players League Top Throwers list
6th on the seasons top thrower list.

3 injuries (12 in total)
Killed by Baconkaj but saved by the apotech in round 2.
BH by a fire ball in round 6
BH in a foul by Finn Fumble in the semi final

Merits in season XVIII
Played in 7 out of 9 matches.
Total 18/20
23 spp from 3 completions, 5 TDs and 1 MVP.
Total: 65 spp from 16 completions, 10 TDs, 2 cas (1 kill) and 3 MVPs.
MA 10 from round 6.
Value 190.000 gp

2nd on the most experienced active player list. Behind Holy Spirit

5 injuries (9 in total)
SI MNG by Celemir showoff II in round 1
SI MNG in a crowd pusher by Pincher in round 4
SI -AV in a stab by Drizzit Hellbringer in round 7- apo saved him.
SI MNG by Bertie Colquhoun in x-round. He was ready for the play-off due to the teams 2nd place in the group.
SI MNG by Nullergøj in the round of 16th. (apo fail). Ready for next match = next season.

Merits in season XVII
Played in all 11 matches.
42 spp from 13 completions, 5 TDs, 2 cas (1 kill) and 2 MVPs.
Block from round 1 and AG 5 from round 2. Sure hands from round 7
Value 160.000 gp

Tied 1st on the most experienced active player list after season XVII.

SI Wolf-man and
killed Alex van Åtop (apo)

4 Injuries
BH on a go for it in round 3 in an attempt to score!
BH by Avada Kedavra in round 7.
Niggled in a failed dodge in the round of 16th. Apo saved him.
BH by Squealer in the semi final (His brother Jacob the apotech healed him but it was to late in the game).

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