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Deities of Doom

Race:  Chaos Chosen
Coach:  Michael F
From the harsh marshlands of the north comes an strangely emulgated team, a mix of races, creeds and choices of personal hygiene. Some say that a diverse gene pool is the only way to create a strong team. Others say that a team mixing 11 players following each a different monotheistic deity is indeed doomed.

If they can channel their religious fervour and turn it against their opponents, they might have a chance.

...but don't hold your breath!

Deities of Doom team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Dec. 27th, 2017 - old news
A new Despair
There is no other way of saying this, Villainous Vermin crapped all over the season XXXIX with a 1:2 casualty rate and therefore lost all the important contests (oh, fuck Peter Paulsen BTW). They are not worthy of Managements attention.

The Deities of Doom have proven themselves earlier, but the players are tired, broken and play like shit, so the thought of trying to guide those tossers towards the killing fields just gives Management a migraine.

There are of course "people" - ass-hats and toilet-drinkers really - who would claim that the main connection between the problems of both Deities of Doom and Villainous Vermin is Managements management, which is obviously ridiculous and fake news, but people are entitled to their opinion until we get their addresses. A list is taking form. Also Nuffle is a bitc.... difficult deity to work with!

But the memory of the damage potential of a proper Chaos team is still enough to bring a modicum pleasure to Managements deep fried synapses, so Management has, in all his wisdom and glory, all hail Management, "fired" all who ever had anything to do with the Deities of Doom in the past and bought in new, delicious blood who will either bring pleasure through their destruction of their opponents, or will bring forth righteous, fiery fury should this batch have the same level of ineptitude that all of those who has come before them.

It is a new beginning, possibly a new hope but certainly a new despair.

PS, Sorry for what Management said earlier Nuffle, It was having a bad day and really did not mean it. No hard feelings, right? Right??
- Michael F
Feb. 2nd, 2016 - old news
For fecks sake
Please disregard previous bulletin regarding Fah Uhl. Still disappointed though.
- Michael F
Feb. 1st, 2016 - old news
Another disappointing season
Though the early games showed great promise, the Deities of Doom once more had their season taper out to a disappointing end, with 26 cas in the first five games, but only half as many in the final four. Clearly, too much attention has been put into unsightly ball-grabbing.

Deities of Doom lost the important titles once again, and al though Fah Uhl had a shot at top killer, the team only managed 5 kills in 9 games. Fah Uhl also managed a respectable 1,11 cas per game, and the team managed to tie for most casualties in the regular season, but consolation prices are irrelevant.

Fah Uhl did make management a little proud, ad he is the first deity to make an impression on the record books, currently coming in at a shared (ew) eleventh place (10 kills) on the League Top Killers list, and a fifteenth place (44 cas) on the League Top Hitters list. Management looks forward to seeing him climb that list.
- Michael F
Jan. 29th, 2015 - old news
Training will pay of for the Deities
For the last two season Deities of Doom has been going through a secret practice regime, namely punching bags of bones repeatedly in order to perfect their bone-crushing abilities. This was done for one purpose and one purpose only:

This will be the season where Peter Paulsen dies.
- Michael F
Tournaments played:
Season XXII, Season XXIII, Season XXIV, Season XXV, Season XXVII, Season XXVIII, Season XXX, Season XXXl, Season XXXIV, Season XXXV, Season XXXVI, Season XL, Season XLI
Playing in:
Season XLII
Trophies won:
Most Leathal Team: Season XXIV, Season XXX, Season XLI


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